英文句子伤感冗长虐心108句 Do you know that I love you so much that I lo

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导读: I still go to the old place where I fell in love every 🦋day, some things. I dont say, its the past that I cant go back to.不人会在意你所做的统统, but I dont love you anymore. I hurt many peoples hearts.如若此生再相见, I found that the sky is blue without you.为了爱, I believe we will be together in the end.知不晓得我很爱你, To love a person

1、但如果没够了。爱的那么深长期A就只 回击莫不是。2、而你在其它夏夜,我拐头眺望,会瞥见你还是在我等你。3、虽然我很畏惧,不我们到哪儿**皮赖脸。4、情人关系就让冲昏头脑了脑子,被盗了客观存在,泡过在情人关系的羽觞中。5、非常低头摸摸使用价值的阴影,也只需你我我不离不弃了。6、Fortunately, love is not everything. Fortunately, everything is not love.7、为什么人家的朋友地久天长我呢?却得不上。8、He's slow to get back to you because he has a more important person to accompany him.9、Why do other people's sisters last forever and I can't get them?10、巧合所说的的成疾生情,工作成效仅仅只是超搞笑二相思。11、She is a perfect diamond, I am a humble sand with the wind.12、他回你**慢,这是因为他很多个更其主要的人要陪。13、In this life, you can't make my poems, I can't make your dreams.14、Years later, you and her are in deep love. Would you think you owe me a future?15、陪你分别是不必须什幺来由和捏词,只 对于他说感触了。16、酒醉在流浪者的陌头,为什莫思惟照旧模糊不清。17、You can't wait for you forever without giving.18、Love makes me lose my mind, lose myself and soak in the cup of love.19、俄的热情接待记实里,长期等不能俄理想看看的阿谁目光。20、Remind me if I should exist, exist in your non-existent existence.21、For love, for that person in my heart. Live well.22、Happiness has been so close, and finally tears remind me that it is only a dream.23、我照旧每天都去相识时的老出所,只盼有山你能换回现在。24、Knowing no result, he spent millions of lives with him in his mind.25、不人可能 介意你所做的全部,会介意的只需你本身就是。26、As long as the end is with you, the process is painful.27、肉痛一是次是痛彻心扉,最后次是顺其天然植物。28、不知如何快速全力以赴想健忘,一项有影象的一同陈迹。29、What's wrong with online love and long-distance love? I believe we will be together in the end.30、Lower your head and touch your shadow, you are the only one who will never give up on me.31、你不会支出费用,每份情没有够无期限等到你。32、如果此去经年再再相见,那怕浪迹天涯百世,失路一千年,也愿。33、Suddenly I miss your voice, I want to listen to your voice on the other end of the phone.34、It's not so much that others make you miserable as that you don't have enough self-cultivation.35、想要了解,俺们用韶华真正能搂住几多伤感。36、Heart pain is the first time to tear the heart and lung, the second time to let nature take its course.37、When the blood is dry, the heart dies, and there will be no more pain, no more suffering.38、Too many people can't see clearly, too many hatred can't be explained clearly, too many helpless can't think clearly.39、我青春的不再是哪一我,反而我那回未去的曾。40、Drunk in the street, why the thought is still clear.41、幸好感情如果不是通通,幸好通通不是感情。42、The person who tries hard to make you laugh is not as happy as the one you meet.43、When school was over, it seemed as if the happy pony had broken the reins.44、I still go to the old place where I fell in love every day, hoping that one day you will come back here.45、Love is tired, hurt and painful. We say nothing but silence.46、玉成不会都是种文明礼貌,谢绝不会都是种界过。47、爱的太累、伤了、痛了,咱俩什麼就不说只凑够之间的缄默。48、The world is so quiet that insomniacs are disgraceful.49、总说要**自身,爱却永远不要逃避。50、和它就说用户帮你疾苦,不像说自身的修养不是很。51、多年的后我和他她情深深似海,会是不会料到还欠就让个明年。52、There's no reason or excuse to break up with you, just no feeling for you.53、Maybe one summer night, when I look back, I will see you still waiting for me.54、有哪些人,有哪些事。我并不要说,我并不要问,不代表着我并不要上心。55、虽然不这麼欢愉的,我仅仅只是没办法瞥见你这麼难过。56、我们下学了,就行了象欢畅的小马驹撒再开缰绳。57、Close your eyes and look at the sky. The sad stars shed tears to express their heartache.58、知不我想知道我很还爱你,情到深处我曾身再有了价值。59、网恋,处于两地恋怎么样去 了?我相信因为咱门会在二路的。60、是为了另一个你,我应该和几多个本就说几多遍真对不起来。61、For one of you, how many times I have to say sorry to myself.62、No matter how hard you try to forget, there is always a trace of memory.63、只需终局是跟你现在二路,进度疾苦些都行。64、It's not who I miss, it's the past that I can't go back to.65、If it's impossible. So what we continue to do is just perfunctory.66、When you pay the phone bill, you find that your words are so valuable.67、Memory is the hourglass of time. Memory grows old slowly.68、她是完整残暴钻石2,我是委屈求全随风飘荡而走的砂。69、I couldn't sleep more than one o'clock in the middle of the night. I was alone with my com****r and listening to music.70、Actually, I'm not so happy. I just don't want to see you so sad.71、为爱,为内心世界阿谁人合理过。合理在世。72、Think you can paralyze yourself, but love can never escape.73、俄然要好驰念你的闷响,好想仔细听德律风那头你的闷响。74、非所有的 僵持都能如愿以偿以偿,非所有的 的高贵的灵魂都能招架旁皇。75、The person who really loves you will always love you, no matter what.76、那句辜负了来那句不喜爱了,伤了几多人的心。77、世界安全得很丑话,长期失眠的人是辉煌的。78、爱对一个小我,人生道路就等於做正确大产品局部的任务卡。79、No one cares about what you do, only you.80、闭上眼盯此日空,那沉默的明星堕泪描述肉痛。81、Why was it you who approached me at first, but I was the last one who couldn't bear you.82、本身爱上你的后会虽不爱上你,不会是如何的你。83、Sometimes the so-called long life, the result is just ridiculous single love.84、Success is not a virtue, and rejection is not a boundary.85、想起起来是卯时的沙漏,想起起来不知不觉变的早衰。86、Actually, I'm scared. Where can I go without you?87、为是么下面最靠近我的就是你,校园营销原始舍应当你的倒是我。88、In Russia's visit records, I can never wait for the figure that Russia wants to see.89、Do you know that I love you so much that I lose my value?90、一生,你成不到我的诗,我入不到你的梦。91、I'm sorry, but I don't love you anymore. I hurt many people's hearts.92、一场意外候,我一直在意的也不是你要说的,还某些你没说销往的。93、昂首缅怀,才发明权不你的地方,天也就是样的蓝。94、阿谁费劲心机逗你笑的人,到头来不如你一見面就欣喜的人。95、多少的人是看不全,多少的冤仇讲不清,多少的没办法想不清。96、交话费的时候,才造出本身就是话那么昂贵。97、表明着我不是是该都出现,都出现在你不都出现的都出现。98、Looking up, I found that the sky is blue without you.99、Sometimes, what I care about is not what you say, but what you don't say.100、Some people, some things. I don't say, I don't ask, it doesn't mean I don't care.101、If we meet again in this life, even if we are lost for thousands of years, we would like to.102、下午这一点多晚上失眠,本身就是1个小我守着PC,听着乐器音乐。103、Not all persistence can be fulfilled, not all enthusia** can resist hesitation.104、出血干掉,心就不行了,就不用再痛了,不用再受难过。105、I want to know how much sadness we can hold with our youth.106、To love a person, life is to do most things right.107、明知道了没结果,却还处于心里中与他渡过千万种人。108、幸运日曾爱的那么深贴近过,最先仍是泪花表明我那只一次梦。